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The flu vaccination season is here!

2 April is the start of the 2024 flu vaccination season.

Getting the flu vaccine is one of the best ways to ward off serious illness and stay healthy over the flu season. It’s important to get immunised, as it not only helps to protect your own health, but also prevents the spread of the virus to your whānau, friends, and community.

Greenhithe Medical Centre is now offering flu vaccinations - please call our friendly reception team to book an appointment.

The vaccine is FREE for people who are considered more likely to get seriously sick with the flu. This includes people aged 65+, pregnant people, and people with some underlying or long-term health conditions. Click here to check eligibility. For the general public, a charge applies.

The flu can be anywhere and is commonly spread through talking, coughing, and sneezing. Your best protection from the flu is getting the vaccine. Even if you still catch Influenza after immunisation, your symptoms are less likely to be severe.

Common symptoms of influenza include:

· fever

· cough

· sore throat

· runny or stuffy nose

· muscle or body aches

· headaches

· fatigue (tiredness).

If you have any of these symptoms, if you have questions regarding the vaccine, or if you would like to book in for your vaccine, please contact reception on 09 413 8562.


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