COVID-19 Information

Appointments under the COVID-19 Protection Framework - Red
Online bookings are closed temporarily.  Please telephone the clinic on 09 413 8562 for an appointment.  All consultations will be via video or telephone unless we consider a face-to-face appointment is necessary.  Please talk to our Practice Nurse if you think you need a face-to-face consultation.

COVID-19 Testing
COVID-19 testing is available at our practice. Please phone us on 09 413 8562 for an appointment or more information.  Under Phase Three, the Ministry of Health has issued restrictions on who can be tested for COVID-19 as follows: 

The only people in Auckland who need to get tested are those who:  
• Have COVID-19 symptoms (e.g. a fever, new or worsening cough, sore or scratchy throat, shortness of breath, sneezing and running nose).
• Are a household contact of someone who has COVID-19 (on day 3 and day 10).
• Have been told to get a test by a Health Official.

​Rapid Antigen Tests are now used primarily for those aged 6 months and over.  A PCR test may be required in certain circumstances.

Vaccination Information
Reliable information about vaccination can be found in the following links:


Where to get your COVID-19 vaccination
We are unable to offer COVID-19 vaccinations at this practice. Please book online at

Vaccine Exemptions
The Ministry of Health advises that very few people (in the order of 100 or 200 people nationally) will require a medical exemption as they are unable to physically tolerate the Pfizer vaccine.  All exemptions need to be applied for by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner and approved by the Director-General of Health.  The clinical criteria that have been specified for an exemption by the Director-General of Health can be found here.  If you consider that a medical exemption should apply to you, please phone the clinic to book an appointment with the doctor.  The receptionist will ask you to state the category reference from the Criteria for Temporary COVID-19 Vaccine Medical Exemptions that you consider applies to you at the time of making the appointment.

There is more information about exemptions and exceptions from mandatory vaccination here.

Isolation at Home
If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and are required to self-isolate at home there is information on how to do this safely here.  You can call 0800 OUR MIQ (0800 687 647) if you need further assistance.  All of your household members should also get an immediate test and self-isolate.